Cineperiferie lands in Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)

The film exhibition of Cineperiferie, the project promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries and by the DG Cinema, finishes with the appointments of the Mitreo Film Festival.  ‘So.sTiAmo in periferia: oltre gli sche(r)mi’ presents 4 films on the theme of the city and of its peripheral realities, offering food for thoughts and comparisons.



Campania - Santa Maria Capua Vetere, IACP
Starting from some films of Francois Truffaut on the Parisian peripheries, the film exhibition promotes the co-construction of a dimension in which the key themes of the peripheral landscapes are conceived and re-elaborate by the young inhabitants of the district relating to the specific context in which they live. The cinema acquires the value of an educational instrument in the project. A simulation of film locations and laboratories is planned to put young people in contact with the cinematographic world, especially with the technical sector of the profession. A final exhibition is also scheduled to share what will be produced.


Sicily - San Berillo district, Catania

PROSPETTIVE. MOVIES THAT TALK ABOUT CITIES is a review in San Berillo district in Catania in which the perspectives are not only those proposed by the authors of the movies, but they also consist of the views of the communities on the present to meditate on the socio-environmental context. The urban planning, the migration, the narration and the poverty are just some of the thematics proposed during the debates. In this process the communities are the active subject that narrate through their wishes, the tragedies, the aspirations and the solutions.


Calabria - Divina Mania Cultural Association. Catanzaro (7 september – 29 september)

SCHERMI, is a review aimed at involving the inhabitants of Catanzaro in a traveling exhibition that crosses eight neighborhoods with a van specially designed by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro. A stimulus for the young generations to reflect on the concept of the periphery, on how it is lived and how it is imagined. The cinema therefore becomes a vehicle of aggregation for the strengthening of the sense of community and of a "peripheral protagonism".


Emilia Romagna - Foundation for Urban Innovation. Bologna (15 september – 7 october)

SCREEN CITY Periphery, Borders, Identity, tells a new city thanks to the evocative and documentary power of images from the Cineteca di Bologna and Home Movies - National Family Archives, digitized and presented for the first time to the public on this occasion. The projections will take place at the Autostazione di Bologna in the S. Stefano district and will be organized according to a focus on Confini, Identità, Architetture and Mobilità  which will investigate in particular the themes of development in the suburbs, landscape changes, cultural transformations. and social, through real stories of communities and inhabitants.


Lazio - Unione di Comuni della Bassa Sabina (25 july – 3 august)

PERIFERIE NELLA PERIFERIA/ PERIFERIAS EN LA PERIFERIA PERIPHERAL brings the peripheries of the world to the Sabina region, specifically to a series of towns in the province of Rieti: Poggio Mirteto, Tarano, Forano, Montopoli di Sabina, Cantalupo in Sabina Stimigliano. Rich in potential, this area is also far from the centralities offered by large cities. The passionate retelling of the most incredible stories from the margins of South America’s immense metropolises inspired a group of young people from the province of Rieti to use audio-visual tools to tell the stories of their periphery. They began with a sense of discomfort to arrive at the exploration of the potentialities to be valorised and promoted in their territory.


Abruzzo - Quartiere San Giuseppe, Pescara (27 july – 26 august)

CINEMA IN CORTILE – LA TELEVISIONE VISTA DAL CINEMA begins in the homes of the residents of the San Giuseppe district in Pescara, which has no film theatres and no habit of going to the cinema. The project enters into the courtyards of apartment blocks and transforms them into outdoor film arenas. The project is founded on the sharing of the experience of watching television. It aims to analyse diverse aspects of audio-visual language. The district’s residents will be invited to participate in public screenings, with the intention of studying a selection of films whose principal theme rotates around the world of television. The objective is, on the one hand, to facilitate access to art and, on the other hand, to use film to promote and shed light on the diverse aspects of relationships between different urban contexts and the lives of their inhabitants.


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