Italian Council

The Italian Council is a project created by the DGAAP in 2017 with the precise objective of promoting, producing, circulating and raising awareness about contemporary Italian creativity in the visual arts. The first five editions of the Italian Council financed 40 proposals received from museums, not for profit public and private entities, university institutions, foundations and committees and nonprofit cultural associations. Proposals involved the production of one or more new works of art by an Italian artist, with the aim of increasing public art collections following a period of promotion outside of Italy.

A renewed edition of the Italian Council launched in April 2019 now endorses the development of talents and international promotion of Italian artists, curators and critics. Funding is now available to projects proposing the involvement of Italian artists in international events, foreign residencies for artists, curators and critics, the realisation of monographic exhibitions at foreign institutions or editorial projects dedicated to Italian contemporary art.

The new Italian Council is more inclusive. By expanding participation to artists, curators and critics, who must be supported by cultural institutions, the project strengthens its dedication to promoting Italian art around the globe. For this reason, projects must involve international partners and/or a phase of promotion outside Italy. Requested funding must not exceed 80% of the total project cost, up to maximum amount established for different typologies of projects.  

Funding will be awarded to projects selected by a Jury comprised of five highly qualified members: the Director-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries, the President of the Technical-Scientific Committee for Contemporary Art and Architecture and three national and international experts in contemporary art.



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