The exhibition “Alla ricerca di una città normale“. Il ruolo dei quartieri di iniziativa pubblica nell’espansione urbana degli ultimi 50 anni in Italia”, contributes to heightening an understanding of history, research and design, together with suggestions arising from the collaboration between the MiBAC – Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries and three research teams at the Universities of Rome, Naples and Turin.

A survey of achievements in the field of public housing in Italy from 1962 to the present.

The exhibition was conceived as a trip through Italy’s different regions, beginning in Sardinia and moving through the Peninsula to the north. Spanning two floors of the Central State Archives, the exhibition represents and describes an important chapter – tied to more than construction – in recent Italian history.

An “itinerary through construction sites” – a highly communicative part of the exhibition – presents the section dedicated to recurring design issues tied to quality in peripheral areas: the isolation or integration of new districts with the urban and natural landscape, public spaces, facilities and different lifestyles, processes of transformation and actions to be undertaken to “take care” of the public city.


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