Dedicated to two architects in order to deepen in-depth professional issues related to urban reuse and regeneration and to participate in cultural activities on these issues in the German capital.


Premio Berlino – First edition

The call for the first edition of the Berlin Prize is now online. The Prize offers two emerging architects the opportunity to spend up to 6 months in Berlin to professionally explore themes of urban regeneration and reuse and participate in cultural initiatives linked with these issues. 



In addition to airfare, the two winners will also receive a monthly stipend for living costs and reimbursement for their time working in a local office specialised in urban regeneration and the recovery of urban peripheries. 
The two winning architects will also have the chance to participate in a series of cultural activities organised by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory and the Italian Cultural Institute of Berlin, where they will be invited to present their work at the end of their residency. Finally, the two winners will also be assisted by a Berlin-based tutor with international experience and an in-depth understanding of the local professional scene.
Applicants for the Berlin Prize must: 
a) be Italian citizens residing in Italy; 
b) be born after the 31 December 1986; 
c) be architects working in the field of reuse and regeneration; 
d) have completed at least one project in the field of reuse or regeneration; 
e) demonstrate optimum English language skills. Preference may be afforded to those with German language skills.


Candidatures for the Berlin Prize must be received by 25 June 2017
For more information, please contact the Italian Cultural Institute of Berlin (email: or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Directorate-General for the Promotion of the Italian Economic System (email:


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