Dedicated to two architects in order to deepen in-depth professional issues related to urban reuse and regeneration and to participate in cultural activities on these issues in the German capital.


Premio Berlino – the winners of the first edition

The winners of the first edition of the Premio Berlino (Berlin Prize) are Leonardo Di Chiara and Giorgia Floro, will have the opportunity to spend 6 months in Berlin. During this time they will have the chance to work with a local architectural practice specialised in the regeneration and recovery of urban peripheries. They will also participate in the cultural activities organised by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory and the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, including the presentation of their work at the Institute. 
The selection committee was composed, for the DGAAP, of the architects Alessandra Cerroti and Claudia Clemente, for the MAECI by prof. Luigi Reitani, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin, and the architect Pippo Ciorra, and for ANCB, by dott. Hans-Jurgen Commerell.


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