SCUOLA spazio aperto alla cultura

Scuola: spazio aperto alla cultura presents the results of the programme’s 31 winning projects, completed over the course of one year and funded by 3 million Euro. This project for cultural renewal and the promotion of contemporary creativity, for schools and their surroundings, is sponsored by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries.


The Scuola: spazio aperto alla cultura project is rooted in the idea that schools are a public space, cultural containers of the tangible and intangible identity of the territories to which they belong. A total of 31 projects were selected from 170 submissions, each provided a total of up to €100,000 of funding. The selected projects represent 31 outposts spread across the Italian Peninsula. Each stands out for its ability to construct a local network of relations and synergies with different entities, foundations, associations and higher educational institutions, as part of a reciprocal dialogue that produced an exchange of experiences, skills and creativity. The results describe a highly variegated and cultural vivacious national panorama that produced 31 uniquely significant experiences whose possibilities for growth far exceed the conclusion of the project and produce lasting benefits.


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